Life is a circus

Mynerva had this beautiful clown skin for sale and at 150L$ u cant go wrong, so pretty and sad looking, i decided to pop together a clown in my opinion it came together really well :D.. also ALL the skins from Mynerva are awesome and a great price.
i have a Marionette AO free from oracul (that i think is no longer for sale) and a Marionette puppet master which i use also it works well :D, haven’t pictured it here but its cute 😛

i hijacked the circus set at the Le Cirque Sim such a pretty place for clowns.

Outfit: Cabaret Clown Outfit [bubble]
Hair: Blonds 1 – Fluff-cake ploom
Skin: Dolly The Cute Clown Butterscotch Mynerva
shoes and nose : Clown Stuff RC Cluster


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