Mother goose skins

I have decided to blog the skins i own, i will try to stay away from the obvious skins, although i will blog them later and start with ones that are new to me, not necessarily new to everyone :D, i will use the same shape, hair,clothes and pose on all skins. i want to see the differences of skins on one shape.

So first up is mother goose, i have heard of  this store before but never really visited it. i was presently surprised with the A) the price and B) the quality, i didn’t pay no more the 300ls for a skin and there are tons in the lucky boards for free.

here is Rika, there is some imperfections on the hands, i didn’t take pics as for the price it didn’t bother me, but it may do some so demo before hand!

Rika 01/02/03

just love the innocent look this has, very cute.

Rika Mother goose

Next up is the dollabie, not a massive fan of the lips, probably would be extra cute if i modded it, but i want to see all skins with no tweaking

For a Dollabie its pretty good!!

JOSEPHINE Mother goose

some more on the way (don’t want the posts to long)

Hair: Keeley –  light blonds Truth
Eyelashes: nano prim (free with girlfriend hair) :::: IrEn::::
Bikini: Infinity Bikini Top -White/Infinity Bikini Thong -White *BooM*


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