where the F is alice

>.< so i was feeling semi “creative” its been a long time since i messed with gimp/photoshop and decided to learn my way around again with these pictures.
they didnt come out as i intended as SL decided to crash on me at every given opportunity :(. heres good? or bad? alice :).

i cant log into SL at the moment so i cant add credits ill update post at a later time, but the outfits are by  Deviance who does THE best costumes for women.


DrLife skin

found this wonderful skin while checking out some free hair, didn’t like the hair but i feel in love with this skin!!!!

Skin:Xian-wTan DrLife
underwear:Debauchery – Chocolate Lingerie by Hollee
Lounger:Music Lounger [LA]
Hair: [e]Rumor Buy here and Zero Gravity – Fat Pack(Dernier Cri)
Shoes:TEMPTATION Xtreme Heel II “Galaxy” N-core

Trees and grass:all from zigana brilliant and cheap!! Zigana

AOHARU and other lovely goodness

so i was feeling a lil autum and tree inspired this week and now you have to suffer with looking at it ūüėõ messing with shadows and making my own set! weeeee anyway here ya go .

Coat:Military Cape Coat Pink AOHARU
Scarf:Maya Scarf – Striped Glitter Light Pink [Decoy]
Pants:Genesis 10 Capri’s – Black [Decoy]
Shirt:Ranger Tank (Fifty linden friday bargin)(Dernier Cri)
Boots:Lydia Boots – Black [Decoy]
Hair :[e] Fresh currently only avaliable on xstreet/marketplace Buy here
Skin:Lucy Smokey2-Pink lips Lara Hurley


my beautiful husband was out with his mates, and saw the bayonetta game in the store for ¬£10 he grabbed it for me as i’m a game nut
and from the moment i played it i loved it! the fights are crazy fast, the cut scenes are awesome and so anime, has a good story line and the “monsters” are so weird but cute anyways go play if you haven’t already

the main character is so damn hot i had to recreate it in SL so here it be.

ok heres where ya get the goods to look just as good

outfit complete only things missing is shape and skin:**JK**Black witch BOX                **JK**
Skin: *League* Skin Pale -Taylor- Twilight             League
Boot: Bayonetta Inspired Gun Boots with guns SLmarketplace        boots