Mynerva….. <3

i have been SO lazy…. my excuse is a cold :).  i did the pics a week ago, but for anyone not seen ~Vanilla~Plain Jane V2~from th fab Rhapzody Wilde at Mynvera get on down and spoil ya self!. Taxi!

All eye brow colours with and without liner, comes with cleavage options and is a super bargain, just for the plain skin 🙂 (the first eyebrow on 2nd shot didnt rez for me so sorry about the quality)

the next options are stand alone tattoo layers that u can purchase i will try to describe as best i can , but i’m not great with words 😦 sorry if i confuse anyone.

3 packs of lips ~PJV2~Lipstick Style~  all come with 8 colour’s and are sold separately , no eye make up yet which i sooooo hope she does. but you can easily use other makes for the time being.

Style 1                           style 2             style 3                        style 4                 style 5               style 6

each brow comes in a different pack and has all colour options as main skin, with the extra option of dark/light for each colour.. style 6 also offer’s right or left side for the cut in

Hundred and thousand         Dot2dot                                             dolly dots

3 seperate packs all come with mid, dark and light options.

ta’da… really looking forward to the future of skins and options 🙂


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