5th & Oxford and Grixdale is closing :O

i was on the search for some cute pants, and i knew that this store had a shop for pants called luxuria

low and behold i tp and bamn! im in a tin can with closing signs everywhere .

i am so sad to see this brand go, they always have such high quality stuff and this saddens me soo much

all items are on sale for 50ls, that includes skins! wow. i hope the creators reappear as something new as they have a great talent for creating.

also closing on the 31st of august  is Grixdale!!!! i know wtf!!!! i love this store i really do. hopefully we will see tyr’s  cute style still  in her other store aura!!

anyways we need to send them off with some linden loving so PLEASE go buy one thing at least just to show them they were appreciated and have been a great addition to fashion in sl




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