Newbie challange II !

all the info you will need for this awesome challange is right here Juicybomb so i wont go into to much detail, the challange is to get a complete makeover for $550, without using any inventory items you have already or libairy items, another words its time to thift shop ladies!

like some of the other people doing this challange i decided to make a new aviator and used the link on gogo’s page to get a surname *\o/* yay, i miss them.

i found i could of got the whole outfit for 0Ls but i hated most the shoes i came across, and i believe good shoes will last you for ages, so althought i spent 49ls on the shoes for this outfit, i was so tempted to blow 300ls for a good pair of black stillettos as a staple wardrobe item

pssst gogo maybe thats the next challange, find a a staple wardrobe which will last for  year or 2 and can be mixed matched!!! brainwave!!!

anyway, after ooing and arring ove lots of skins,  im telling you now you can get good skins for nothing, i settled for this outfit enjoy and i hope you head over to juicy bomb and get ya noob on!

Dress: Baiastice_Irish fling   70Ls  Dressing room blue
Boots: Scrunch Boots ~ Base Shape 49ls Marketplace
Hair: “”D!va”” Hair “Naomi” (Amber) Free! 2000 members gift join group (free) and click the board “”D!va””

Skin: ::Mother Goose’s::.HENA-III 1LS Mother goose
Eyes: *CUPCAKES – Bright Eyes – Olive Free @ fabfree headquaters

also if you visit Fab HQ pick up the free Ao from oracul you will not be dissapointed, there is so much free stuff there it is worth a visit


Total = 120Ls


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