Stand 4 Love

A most brilliant campaign is spreading its love and gooey goodness through SL atm

please visit this most awesome website and make your own poster in support!


i been in the most amazing relationship with my partner for 8 years we share 5 children and lots of ups and downs lol.  we are best friends and understand each other fully. There has been much heartache both of us losing a parent to cancer and having so many children is always fun. I would give anything to marry him, but unlike gay/bi/transgender people we have no red tape, we just have no money so i guess thats our red tape. we are saving but something more important always shows up. im sure one day we will and im so glad that when that time comes i am able to with no restrictions, now to make every relationship have that same freedom.

I choose the song of this as i remember singing it in primary school and it always stuck with me. 🙂

links for flickr pool and one fantastic guys website

STAND4LOVE Flickr pool

Ed Clarity

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