FLF 2nd week of goodies

Not my thing but its made so well i was almost tempted! >>>Kari<<<

EEEKS this was marked up at 300ls lol im sure it will be rectified as soon as possible cause i want it lol >>>Nomine <<<

well worth 50LS! >>>Willow<<<

a beautiful sideboard will suit any abode >>>Art Dummy<<

my heart always does a little jig when i see Artilleri name on events and she doesn’t disappoint! >>>Artilleri <<<

poses for 50LS yes please! >>>DFO!<<<

just wow love this store and its homes i don’t even have anywhere to put this and it was insta buy lol ! a bargain >>>Nordari<<<

Milk motion always caters to the alternative dresser, and doesn’t disappoint. >>>Milk Motion<<<

Fantastic Victorian hair! love love love >>>Clawtooth<<<

wish the wellies where wearable! >>>The Loft<<<

grabbed the peach one 🙂 >>>::{u.f.o}::<<<

not sure about this one, I’m sure someone else will adore it! >>>So Many Style<<<

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