CHACHADEE schooldays

such awesome shoes are finally out! after being teased to death on Flickr! lol

each pair is 300ls and you can buy separate packs or a mega pack of all colours, my linden balance is sad atm so i picked my top 3 colours for now!

how awesome are they, my pictures do them no justice!


Gogo blogged this awesome school uniform recently and i couldn’t find a school to take any snaps so had to white background it :/ anyone have  a school landmark drop me one in world lol

What im wearing

Izzie’s – Tights I ❤ U
[monso] My School Look –
/Wasabi Pills/ Princess Mesh Hair – Rye
ChaChaDee! – ME GLAMOROUS Nude
ChaChaDee! – Me Rich Earring
[monso] My School Look
Izzie’s – Estella Skin porcelain

some funky sun setting! lol thought it was awesome for a viewer pic


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