tons of goodness today!

OK so first up One voice which i was gobsmacked at the participants generosity and i think gala is way well on getting the funds she needs

As a customer in sl you can use your feet to stop the kind of thing that has happened to gala, dont shop at stores that are known for stealing peoples items use your feet to vote, but make sure you are correct in any judgements you make :).

here is just a outfit for now >.< im sure i will get round to blogging the rest later.

What I’m wearing

Fawn – Team Curio Tee [purple] 2
::Exile:: Break Away:Vanilla

Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eye Soft Majorelle

[Aura] Class Act Jeans  –

Lara Hurley-Jade/Pale

all avaliable at one voice

Whats posing me

Glitterati -Boxy

Next is the awesome car prop from Glitterati

available at Glitterati get your own revenge


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