Sleeping Koalas new store is open

Finally Sleeping Koala has a new home and a awesome free gift.

she has 2 of these fab peek-a-t’s for free atm, Yellow is a store gift, Red is the hunt gift (not shown but is cute) so go get it.

This is the fabulous new skin Lilith by glam affair and is a freebie in the group goes perfect with SK yellow t-shirt.

credits below 😀

The new sleeping koala store

What am i Wearing

*BOOM**BOOM* Verie Mini Skirt (Doll Pink)
Sleeping Koala – My Bra Flashing Top – Yellow (Re-Opening Gift)
*BALKANIK2Magnetized Sneakers_Cream&White
[ glow ] studio – Mauri earring (silver/baby)
[e] Figure – Blonde 02
Glam Affair – Lilith- Macedonia

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