been a while…

hey its been a bit since I last posted anything been a bit sick and layed up in bed right now so i can get stuff done

last week I visited Izzies sim and picked up my march gift, popped outside into a world of peace and tranquillity, Izzie has transformed her sim so nicely so everyone go visit and take lots and lots of snaps

I kind of look like a urban version of snow-white, red riding hood which I think is cute 😀 e

Izzie has released a awesome skin called Asia for the skin fair event and its beautiful, all credits below the pictures, have a lazy sunday!

I love love love the fact that Izzie has her new skin tones on the Gos website, it took me 1 minute flat to tint my feet perfect thank you Gos and thank you ~Izzie

Top pictures
Izzie’s – Low Neck Tee rococco red March Group GiftGroup Gift
Izzie’s – Tights giraffe red @ perfect wardrobe::HH:: Hucci MtVernon Alpha
Izzie’s– Lipstick red
Izzie’s – Geanna Skin porcelain DB
Lolas ::: Tango ::: Mesh Breasts
Magika Visit
below all @ Collabor88
(fd) Scallop Shorts –
::HH:: Hucci MtVernon Sneaker Silver
LaGyo_Isabella necklace Black silver
LaGyo_Isabella Ring Black silver

Asia skin @ the skin fairthe skin fair
visit this page for a layout of stores

and grab your Gos feet here!


YAY FLF is Back yipee

i know there is tons and tons of posts about the most awesome event ever but yay! so excited gonna be loads of pretty pictures about much better then mine so heres a few pics of whats avaliable 😀

Deco Hair and boots (no demo that i saw) >>>Deco<<< taxi 2 tanks demo available >>><<<

Love this store to death, when  i win the lottery i shall buy it all! nice lamp to lighten up your day and your hearts >>>Post<<<

floor lamp which is cute! i don’t own a slhome but if i did this would be in it >>>Meshworx<<<

/a>”>PIG!! love this to death >>>Pig<<<<

Wasabi pills! insta buy >>>Wasabi pills<<<

very cute but still no slhome 😦 >>>Funky Junk<<<

One Bad Pixel is next and this combo is so cute! i love this plum colour >>>1BP<<<

not my thing but these glasses would look awesome on the right avator! >>>Adore&Abhor<<<

that is my big fat head in the 2nd picture sorry! anyway its Glittarti what you waiting for dammit! ohh the taxi ok here ya go >>>Glitterati<<<

YAY the vest is back! ❤ >>Schadenfreude<<<

so cute as always! >>>Glow Studio<<<

so pretty! >>>Ingenue<<<

and last but not least surf co! >>>Surf co<<<


And that ladies and gents it the first week of FLF! awesome work designers! so get buying and support the talent we have in our little world!