week 4 Plum de dum

ta da!!!! have been a bit rushed of my feet to will add credits later muhaw                     love purples!!! i had 6 outfits to pick from lol


Messing in the snow

found cute new stuffs at mentine, so decided to rope my BFF in


enjoy 😀

umm if anyone wants know where stuff is from just comment or im me, i am feeling way way way to lazy 😀

Week 3 Goldenrod

second life is being pain in my butt today so there is a lack of item names hopefully i got correct slurls if u need um also sorry about the quality of the image, downloaded viewer 2.3 and forgot to enable high rez snaps sigh and im far to lazy to redo it

talking of which 2.3 you get your eyes back in shadows yay!!!! and development tab has great shadow options and derender options like body lights and stuff. still playing with it atm

OK on to the colour of the week  GOLDENROD, i couldn’t find anything i liked so i kind of just picked a cardigan and worked round that… a bit boring but i look cute so 😛

again sorry for the quality of picture

Dress and cardigan:  Jane
shoes, scarf, hat/hair and legwarmers all Mentine
skin from glam affair @ TDR : TDR

sorry for lack of names and stuff but i me and sl are not compatible today

Blogger challange week 1, (yes im late)

Ok i know im late getting this out but im just to damn lazy, just going to paste some extracts from  Luna jubilees blog

To join this color challenge all you need is to create a look predominantly using the current week’s featured color.

The colors will be posted one week in advance for each post (except this beginning week of course). Each week will begin on Saturday and end on Friday.

ok so heres mine week 1 is grey

Skin: Lara Lucy grey gloss
Hair: [e] Mood – White
Outfit: *FakE* Inara Medievalism-Silver
Shoes: Maitreya Gold * Shanti silver

took the picture in LAP sim so beautiful